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Abstract: Most functionality problems are made aware to the user in either an error message or poor performance by the software. These can usually be troubleshooted by updating to the latest eBahn reader and setting antivirus settings to allow eBahn to run.

Applies to: eBahn 3, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista


DLL Issues

Most users who have experienced these errors were able to correct it by using Check Web For Updates to update their eBahn software. If you are unable to run an update, click here to download the latest eBahn Reader.

Windows Vista users may need to perform a few tweaks, but some Vista features may cause problems (SmartTags DLL error). In many cases we've heard back from Vista users who have found answers - we will continue to publish them here. If you find solutions, please check here: and share with us by submitting a Feedback form.

Virus Scanner Conflicts

In other cases virus scanning software needed to be updated to "allow" eBahn software features to function.

Anti-virus settings causing poor performance

Other Compatibility Issues

Very few users simply weren't able to get eBahn to run, usually because of an incompatibility with other software (i.e. CAD programs). If this happens, please contact us immediately using a Feedback form and include as many details as possible regarding the error you may be experiencing.

Microsoft Vista
Anti-virus settings causing poor performance

Can't run Reader on Vista, misc. DLL errors

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