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Why should I upgrade?

If you are using a previous edition of eBahn® Desktop, you may be eligible for an upgrade to eBahn® version 3.

What products are eligible?

eBahn® version 2 products (including v.2.5 and v.2.54) with an equivalent eBahn 3 content pack are eligible for upgrade.

eBahn® version 1 products are no longer eligible for upgrade.


Easy online upgrades are available at

Upgrading from eBahn version 2 to eBahn version 3 offers significant user enhancements.


  • eBahn version 3 now includes 2 License serial numbers for installation on 2 computers.
  • eBahn version 3 is designed to function with Windows XP and Windows 2000, and in most cases will run successfully on Windows Vista as well.
  • Transfers between computers can be done by you through either the eBahn application or in your Bentley Publishers Member Center Profile.
  • eBahn version 3 includes 5 Transfers per serial number, per calendar year.
  • eBahn version 3 includes 1 Year of email Support and Vehicle Updates and 60 days of telephone support.

Upgrading to eBahn version 3 also includes the latest Repair Information content, such as:

  • Repair Manuals
  • Campaign Circulars
  • Component Locations
  • Tech Tips
  • Technical Bulletins
  • Maintenance Schedules

And most important, your upgrade to eBahn version 3 includes 1 year of access to online updates, so your eBahn installation can remain as up to date as possible.

Low cost

Currently, an eBahn® License upgrade from version 2 to 3 is FREE.  Upgrades of the Reader and Content are also required.  Reader and Content upgrades by download are free, or you can purchase a DVD with the Reader and Content for $9.95 plus shipping.  The upgrade give you access to updated repair information and the new eBahn® Reader Version 3.1 (or higher), a $129.95 value when purchased separately.


Upgrade walk-through

Benefits of Upgrading from eBahn 2 to eBahn 3

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