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I haven't received my activation key (or code) by email, what's wrong?

Applies to: eBahn 3

Check to see if you've entered the correct email address. You can check this by opening the eBahn program and clicking About under the Help menu. Make sure your email address is entered correctly (i.e., email addresses starting with "www", typos, etc.). If it isn't, contact us with the incorrectly typed email address through the Software Support Feedback Form.

Another possibility could be that your email program's spam or junk email filter is confusing our Activation Key email with spam. Activation keys are sent from the address:

Please make sure that your spam filter, or your provider's spam filter allows you to receive emails from this address. This is particularly important for AOL users.

How many times can I use my activation key?
How often do I have to activate?

Activation key by email

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