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eBahn® Activation and Licensing

eBahn® repair content is activated based on an eBahn® License Serial Number that you get either with the disc or purchase separately. Without activation through the eBahn® Desktop License Manager, you will not be able to view the repair information on your disc.

Your eBahn® License contains two serial numbers. You only need one of them to activate the content though. The second one you can use as a backup or on a second computer.

Note: Screenshots may vary slightly depending on your version.

Enter one of your eBahn® License Serial Numbers into the installer.

Once you've entered your serial number, confirm your choice by checking the box next to the platform you're installing. The installer will load the repair information onto your hard drive.

After the repair content data is installed on your computer, the installer will give you the option to check if you have the latest version of eBahn® Reader. If a newer version has been posted to our website, you will be prompted to download it. (Internet connection is required for this step.)

Once you've successfully installed the repair information, you will be prompted to launch your eBahn® Reader. eBahn® Reader will open the License Manager, where you will activate the repair content on your computer.

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